Send us your samples and receive a trial report

Do you care about the quality of your packaging? Do you want to cut down on customer returns?

Anéolia offers a pre-evaluation of the quality of your package, involving carrying out tests via sampling.
Depending on your problem regarding the compliance of your packaging, Anéolia will analyse your data and you will be sent a test report.

The sample test process:

  1. You’re interested in a pre-evaluation of the performance of your packaging.

  2. Inform us that you will be sending the samples (limited to 10 samples per package for 3 products max).

  3. Send us your samples in the post, sent to the R&D service at the following address:

    ANEOLIA – 240 rue de la Motte, 77550 Moissy Cramayel – FRANCE.

  4. Once Anéolia has received the samples, our application team will carry out tests and analyze the data.

  5. You will be sent a report on tests carried out depending on your issue.

More information on your samples: contact us
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