Advice, installation and training

Anéolia’s technical team will provide you with advice throughout your project. Experience customised support, depending on your quality requirements or constraints.

Following preliminary tests carried out on your products*, the device will be configured in advance depending on your application. This system will save you time in terms of handling on your premises.

On-site installation is also an opportunity for Anéolia’s sales engineer to train operators and supervisors in using the device and its measurement techniques. Training can be personalised depending on the technical specifications and individual knowledge regarding leak measurement methods.

The two training schemes:

“Operator” training

  • Introducing and explaining the overall functioning of the measurement device
  • A reminder of security guidelines
  • Using the appliance

“Supervisor” training

  • Accessing the supervisor mode
  • Configuring programmes
  • Traceability
  • Data use
  • Information and advice regarding test programmes
  • Advice for interpreting results and analysing data
More information about installation and training: contact us
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