Anéolia tells you its story

A 100% French company

  • 1986: The Abiss brand is born.
  • 2009: The Anéolia company is created, with the production unit located in Essonne.
  • 2009: Anéolia is launching a new range of gas analyzers which shows the O2 value to 2 decimal places.
  • 2012: During this year of big consolidation of the gas analyzers manufacturers with various acquisitions, the Abiss brand is revamped by Anéolia.
  • 2012: Filing of 2 patent applications in France for a gas analysis device, and a device combining gas analysis and leakage measurement.
  • 2015: Innovative BTA award for the Oxylos® integrated on a packaging line in automatic mode.
    2016: The patent for “Test process and system for samples, in particular for restricting samples” is delivered on 4/2/16, making it possible to stress test the integrity of packaging.
  • 2016: The patent for “Test process and system for samples, in particular for identifying gas from samples” is delivered on 5/2/16, making it possible to measure binary gas at high speed.
  • 2017: The strengthening of our after-sales-services worldwide.
  • 2018: Anéolia now operates in more than 60 countries.
  • 2018: European patent granted for the gas analysis device EP2936145.
  • 2019: Anéolia is moving in Seine-et-Marne to Moissy Cramayel for larger premises.
  • 2019: Packaging Oscar for the Oxylos® in hygienic design
    2021: Packaging Oscar for Oxylos® non-destructive leakage testing.
    2022: European patent granted for the combined gas analysis and leakage measurement device EP3385696.
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