CSR approach

Food industry is actually facing many challenges and is mutating quickly when the need in limiting the physical operations and demand of safety are arriving to climax.

With a background in medical devices, Anéolia’s engineers are focusing their expertise in hygiene and safety, and add these inputs at the early stage of design to propose features which are today a must.

  • Hygienic Design of instrumentation installed at food production plants
  • Specific metrology to optimize and to increase food preservation.
  • Remote access to the the instrumentation through computing network in order to organize maintenance or to teach operators.

To answer to the most recently published standards (DIN 55508-1), the analyzers for packaging integrity control, dedicated to food, and ABISS branded, are a “must have” to record your improvements, and to qualify the production tools or other testing means. Therefore, these are true helper to achieve a better commitment based on obvious true values, repeatable, relevant and complete.

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