Modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packs are designed to
assist long-term preservation of the product.

Why are quality and integrity checks essential?

The global context

In the current socio-economic context, food safety and the reduction of wastage are of the utmost importance, especially with the continual growth in international trade and population numbers.
Each action or solution used in product exportation, including transport modes, has an impact on the preservation and integrity of foods.

Preventing product degradation

A loss of integrity caused by the packaging production method, even by several microns, can compromise the internal atmosphere, the mechanics and the intended barrier effect of the packaging. This phenomenon then leads to undesirable exchanges, mainly of O2, CO2, and H2O, causing degradation of the product.

Our solutions

Advice and verification

The sensitivity of our measurement systems meets the requirements of international standards in verifying packaging integrity. The team at Anéolia and their equipment enable you to better manage the array of variables involved in producing or improving your packaging.


  • Optimize the packaging process
  • Control machine settings to improve the quality of packaging
  • Assess the effect of any modification made to the packaging
  • Minimize the number of faulty products and returns by customers


Analyzers recommended

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