Small headspace application

How can you test your packaging with limited space above the contents?

With packaging, space above the contents is often limited, which leaves only a small volume of gas for extensive analysis, particularly when the product is present.

The proximity of the product to the sampling probe or needle can lead to a risk of polluting the circuit between the analysis and its sensors, which can result in a blockage to the pump.

With ABISS measurement devices, average and high-end analysers have an optional flow control, meaning operators can rest assured that the gas will circulate properly within the analyser, even for the most complex applications.

Depending on the stiffness of the packaging and the difficulty of extraction, the pumping time can also be adjusted in order to ensure that the full volume required for sensors has been properly transferred to the analyser.

This allows precise measurements to be carried out for use with packaging such as coffee pods.

With the Stratos range, electrochemical sensors used for O2 rival zirconia sensors in terms of speed, and enable operational measurement within a similar timeframe. Anéolia also offer a wide range of needles of all sizes, in order to make it possible to fit the needle through the packaging film.


Adapted analyzers

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