Testimonial from Maison Mer – Use of Oxylos for gas analysis and leak detection

Interview of Mrs Perez from Maison Mer. The company is equipped with  an automaton combining gas analysis and leak detection.

Maison Mer set up an automated production line for packaging of seafood. The company bet on fool automation after a disaster, which had destroyed the factory and temporally stopped the production. Mrs Perez coordinated the reconstruction project. The implementation of the new line came along with a new design of thermoformed packaging for boxes containing up to 2 kg.

The company Maison Mer also acquired new tools for quality controls and industrial tests.

Mr. SCHALLER – Anéolia : Your factory acquired one of our products. This instrument is combining gas analysis and leak detection. What were your motivations?

Mrs PEREZ – MAISON MER : Packaging of shrimps is complicated by the physical constraints of the product and by our will to preserve the food freshness. We packaged products with a modified atmosphere in various thermoformed packaging sizes. We also have to guarantee the integrity of packagings, often damaged by antennas and shields.

The device which was presented to us caught our attention by the addition of the two procedures of objective and quantifiable control as a combined unit:

  • Analysis of leak debit
  • Measure of the film ability to peel
  • Gas analysis

Furthermore the device is almost autonomous and reduces the control time. Besides the investment was lower than what had been expected.


Mr. SCHALLER – Anéolia : How did our device improve production & control processes?

Mrs PEREZ – MAISON MER : Regarding gas analysis, we were already familiar with MAP applications.

Devices proposed by your competitors require consumables and long operating time. With your analyzer, we just have to position the tray and to start the test. The measurements are performed automatically without further human intervention and without needle manipulation. Consumables are no longer necessary due to the device design.

In addition, the highly innovative system enables us to combine into one test: gas analysis (CO2 & O2) and control of the sealing and resistance of the welding. The leak detection and burst control functionality quickly helped us to improve our packaging. We optimized the film thickness to guarantee the integrity of the packaging, but also to increase production rates.

The device is a major asset to discuss with our film and industrial equipment providers. We were able to directly compare situations by modification of some parameters and to evaluate the results.


Mr. SCHALLER – Anéolia : What are the impressions of the production staff for this type of equipment?

Mrs PEREZ – MAISON MER : The interface is user-friendly. Results are clearly readable. Operations are intuitive.

For some of my operators, this ease of use is clearly due to the clarity of the color code of the interface. I even heard “it is a child’s play”. Leak measurements are expressed in µm, these help to understand the importance of the phenomena and to get a “mental representation” of it.

Operating the test without a consumable around the needle, make the positioning of the sample and the launch of the test much faster.


Mr. SCHALLER – Anéolia : Do you use the traceability functionality of your device?

Mrs PEREZ – MAISON MER : Honestly, we still use our notebook, although the instrument functionality allows a fully digitized traceability.
But we plan to connect the device to the company network, in particular to facilitate data recovery and remote maintenance. This will be very easy to implement due to the system conception


Mr. SCHALLER – Anéolia : In conclusion, does your instrument, Oxylos, respond to your initial expectations?

Mrs PEREZ – MAISON MER : Compared to what was presented, the device responds totally to our initial requirements.
In fact, it is a major asset in our processes improvements. It is even more than what was initially expected, as we did not know this kind of leak measurement instruments.
We took a direct advantage of the device. This instrument enables us to ignore subjective methodologies to quantified leaks, such as bowl of water, and visual inspections.
We passed from the estimation of physical measurements to a full control of test parameters.

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