Coffee packaging

A wide range of applications and uses

We can differentiate between various types of packaging:

  • Vacuum packaging, potentially fitted with a valve
  • Coffee pods
  • Capsules, of different degrees of rigidity
  • Sachets
  • Jars with lids

What’s more, coffee itself generates gas, which then has to be released using an escape valve (see the link)

Some of these gases also produce interference with some sensory technology, such as carbon monoxide, which reduces O2 values measured by zirconia sensors, in significant proportions in low grade.

Electrochemical sensors with short response times installed in ABISS analysers, provide a cost-effective balance for applications that are often difficult due to the presence of powder and limited space available above the product.

The appliances have a flow control system, allied with an adjustable pumping time, which makes it possible to optimise measurements and to protect the appliance.

For vacuum packaging, Exos leak analysers go beyond simple leak detection.

Flow measurement, for example, in packaging, makes it possible to qualify the performance of the escape valve and to control the quality of sealing once it comes off the line, without having to wait for the pressure to rise, a process which can take up to 48 hours or more.

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