Oxylos Hygienic Design Leak/O2/CO2

New product : The 1st gas and leak analyser in hygienic design cleanable with a water jet ! Without septums

Gas and leak analyser without septums in hygienic design : The Oxylos Hygienic Design

It’s now possible to control the quality of packaging in production while limiting the risk of bacterial development!

The Oxylos Hygienic Design is tailored to the hygienic requirements of the food industry and guarantees reliable and ultra-fast measurements with unparalleled testing times. This secure and automated measuring device allows you to optimise the packaging process, including the expiry date of your product. Used in production and intended for industrialists in the meat, seafood, ready meals, essentially fresh products sectors, the device complies with recent standards of integrity control, in particular DIN 55508-1: 02/2018, ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054.

The Oxylos Hygienic Design measures :

  • The rate of O2 and CO2 simultaneously
  • Leakage rate down to 5 μm
  • The resistance of seals to fatigue
  • The resistance of seals to ruptures – up to 1.4 bar

Easy to clean :

The OXYLOS Hygienic Design extends to various fields of application, including vacuum package testing, whilst limiting the health risks.
Oscar winning in November 2019, this instrument stands out for its speed, its ease of cleaning with a water jet.

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Expert advices

  • The calibrated leaks make periodic verifications easy to carry out.
  • Check that there is enough space above the product in order to carry out the measurement or use our specially adapted needles and accessories.
  • We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach.
  • We would advise you to regularly save the data you have collected and to secure any power supplies.

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Product informations

Weight29.7 kg
Width630 mm
Height494 mm
Depth405 mm
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