Ipos 2 O2/CO2

O2/CO2 gas analyser: portable, suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with blocked circuit detection

The IPOS2 O2/CO2 gas analyser is a versatile analyser that can be either portable or bench-mounted. The only gas analyser with blocked circuit detection, the IPOS2 is the only one capable of offering IP54 level airtightness. Equipped with a large screen, this measurement device is reliable and sturdy, and suitable for inspecting the quality of your modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or other inerting.


  • Resolution O2 : 0.01%
  • Blocked circuit detection
  • IP54 durability/reliability
  • Adjustable pumping time
  • Programme creation with a threshold alarm
  • Memory storage for the last 400 measurements
  • Traceable via the USB port (optional)

Expert advices

  • Air adjustment requires the full attention and skill of a supervisor, given the various environmental variables.
  • In the interest of protecting your device, we would advise you to regularly replace the filters in order to avoid the product flowing back into the device.
  • We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach.
  • Safety: for user protection, we would advise using the sheath incorporated into the appliance.

News video

Watch now the IPOS2 video. In this video, the device performs accurate measurements in low headspace applications, such as coffee capsules.

Product informations

Ingress protection of enclosureIP 54
Measurement devicePortable
Weight1,1 kg
Width130 mm
Height95 mm
Depth180 mm
BatteryNiMH Battery. Battery autonomous up to 16h (or 6,000 measurements) when used continuously and intensively.100% charge in 4h
Power100-250VAC power supply via external charger – 50/60Hz
Memory capacity400 measurements
Display4 lines of 20 characters LCD
Digital interfaces1 USB 2.0
Storage conditions0 - 70°C/0 - 90% HR
Terms of use0 - 40°C/10 - 90% HR
O2 Oxygen measurementTechnology : Electrochemical
Precision : +/- 1% relative 
T90 response time : < 5 s
Resolution : 0.01%
Average service life : < 2 years in air under NTP
CO2 Carbon Dioxide measurementTechnology : NDIR
Accuracy : +/- 2% full scale
Resolution : 0.1%
T90 response time : 7s
Average service life : 10 years
Blocked circuit detectionyes
Pump suction controlyes
Compensation for atmospheric pressure variationsyes
Results storageyes
USB Connectionyes
TraceabilityProgram number, storage of measurements, dates, times, alarm thresholds
OptionsUSB transfer pack: data is transferred via the USB port via the software provided with the option.
  • Can piercer
  • Needle arm support
  • Needle cleaning tool
  • Calibration certificate
  • A carry case IP67 : 300x225x132 mm
  • 1 Sampling kit
  • 12 Needles
  • 2 Filters
  • 1000 Septums
  • Power supply
  • User manual
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