Cosmos with pump

Fixed gas analyzer, with pump and continuous

The COSMOS is a measurement monitoring system with alarms. The COSMOS is equipped with a suction pump to measure one or more gases under atmospheric pressure Continious. This gas analyzer with a large touch screen and full traceability is configurable according to your measurement needs (gas and scale).


  • 1 Analog output 4-20 mA + alarm relays
  • Connectivity – USB and Ethernet ports
  • Efficient in demanding conditions
  • Data transfer
  • Remote maintenance 7 days a week, with remote connection available

Expert advices

  • In the interest of protecting your device, we would advise you to regularly replace the filters in order to avoid the product flowing back into the device.
  • Outdoor installation: We recommend the installation of the heating option. The device has to also be sheltered from the climatic conditions (rain, snow …).

Product informations

Inert volumeyes
Ingress protection of enclosureIP 65
Measurement deviceFixed
EnclosureAluminium (stainless steel as option)
Weight13 kg
Width540 mm
Height470 mm
Depth155 mm
Power100-240VAC -50/60Hz - 63W
Inlet pneumatic connection diameter4 x 6 mm tube connection
Memory capacity4 to 32go
DisplayColor touchscreen 7’’
Digital interfaces1 USB 2.0 and 1 Ethernet RJ45
Storage conditions0 - 70°C/0 - 90% HR
Terms of use0 - 40°C/10 - 90% HR
O2 Oxygen measurementOn request (contact us)
Technology : Electrochemical sensor
T90 response time : 12s
Accuracy : +/- 1% relative 
Resolution : +/-0,1%
Range : 0 - 100%
CO2 Carbon Dioxide measurementOn request (contact us)
Technology : NDIR
Accuracy : +/- 2% full scale
T90 response time : 30s
Resolution : +/-0,1%
Range : 10,30,100% on request (contact us)
Dual mixesTechnology : Thermal conductivity
On request
Blocked circuit detectionyes
Pump suction controlyes
Sensor flow controlyes
Compensation for atmospheric pressure variationsyes
Results storageyes
USB Connectionyes
TraceabilityData transfer
Remote Connectionoui
Network connection (Ethernet socket)yes
Relay alarmsyes
Analog output 4 - 20 mAyes
  • Metal detected stylus
  • Calibration certificate
  • User manual
  • 1 carry case
  • Flexible
  • Filter
  • Metal detected stylus
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