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The Oxylos Hygienic Design wins an Oscar !

The award-winning analyzer has been distinguished in the category Production/Peripheral Equipment during the “Oscar de l’emballage 2019”. The Oxylos Hygienic Design is designed as the first clean measurement device for food packaging.

Following many years of research, the Anéolia team is proud to present its newest piece of equipment, “the OXYLOS Hygienic Design”.

This device is the first gas and leak analyser for food packaging quality control being manufactured according to 3A and EHEDG standards.

This safe, consumable free device combines micro-leak measurement, fatigue testing, weld resistance testing, O₂/CO₂ gas analysis, all in a single sample test.

Industrial advantages

Furthermore, tests are much faster, which is important in terms of production. The Hygienic Design frees industries from the need to provide a further protection, whilst enabling easy and fast cleaning thanks to its superior bacterial resistance.

Finally, industry benefits from a reduction in its cost per unit of capital, firstly by optimising the weight of plastic used in packaging production, and secondly by reducing the amount of consumables needed to operate the device.

A unit to suit your needs

The integrity control requirements of packaging items continue to evolve: longer expiration dates, better traceability, limiting health risks, reducing the use of preservatives, decreasing waste and the costs incurred.

The “OXYLOS Hygienic Design” responds to these requirements through:

  • Its compliance with the current integrity control standards, including DIN 55508-1: 02/2018, ASTM F 1140, ASTM F2054
  • Its speed of operation with new formats
  • Its ease of cleaning, limiting the risk of contamination (hygienic design)

This new technology allows industries to improve their analysis process in order to better handle customer and supplier contracts, optimize expiration dates, and to make better use of production lines based on objective data recorded as part of a continuous improvement process.

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