Existing policies and Actions taken under Covid-19 pandemic context

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Existing policies and Actions taken under Covid-19 pandemic context

Anéolia, since its birth, has initiated and pursued a CSR approach, and had since developed a managerial policy as defined and controlled by SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit).

Audited and deemed conformed to the referential SMETA in Mars 2019, Anéolia has received compliments from the auditing party for its global culture of risk handling but also for the management tools and means instituted.  Reports from this audit are available on line for our Clients who wish to read them on www.sedexglobal.com.

Regarding deployment of Anéolia’s personnel and mobilizing partners, recruited with an approach validated under SMETA Ethics in Business, Anéolia strongly got a sense, from the start, of the challenges that have to be undertaken by the Food industry.

That is why, for each and every country that got under stress temporarily or durably, for politics or health, Anéolia made the choice, 10 years ago, of offering connected instruments, which can be accessed from a distance. For those who opted for such instruments, they benefited then and still benefit now from easy remote maintenance and commissioning through secured access.

With Covid-19 pandemic threat, Anéolia is undertaking a step by step action program following on an everyday basis official sources and applying immediately government decisions.

By means of anticipation and as a responsible business working on two markets especially demanding on health and hygienic constraints, Food industry & medical, Anéolia decided to cancel the postponed French exhibition at Rennes – CFIA, an the German one at Düsseldorf in May. In doing so, Anéolia wished to put public health interest above commercial interest, as you surely understand.

Getting more specific :

About customer relationships

Technical visits to customers’ sites in France are maintained according to their own constraints.
Staff members of Anéolia retain their right to withdrawal in the event of a proven risk and are encouraged to use the solutions recommended by the Ministry of Health.
All actions requiring international travel are currently suspended until situation returns back to normal.

About supplier relationships

Suppliers’ visits to Anéolia premises are currently stopped except for deliveries and shipments of goods.
Up today, no supplier has reported a break in the supply chain due to the sanitary situation, we can however note some delays due to limitations of traffic at borders.
In its procurement policy, Anéolia has relied, from the beginning, on local and European supply of spare parts and processed products.
Part of the stock of electronic components produced outside of Europe was supplied prior to the first reports of contamination in China, and from central purchasing agencies in France.
In its CSR policy, Anéolia favors short supply circuits in order to strengthen local players, or departmental, which guarantees agility in load variations.

In internal operating provisions relating to hygiene

Up today, no staff member has left the metropolitan area since the start of the epidemic.
Anéolia staff are required to notify management immediately for any exposure to infected people or travel to risk areas.
Surgical masks, hydro-alcoholic solution, latex gloves are made available to Anéolia staff and
the preventive measures recommended by health authorities are applied among the staff.

Written on 12/03/2020

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