Facts and solutions from Aneolia for the biscuit industry

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Facts: Wrapping cookies, biscuits or snacks in a pack is much more than simply transporting product safety and suitable to the consumer!

Problems occurring in case of a failing film barrier: 

  1. In case of tiny holes in the film, moisture can penetrate and lead to deterioration of the product during its shelf life.
    Solution: check for micro leak
  1. Change in flavor typically occurs due to unwanted chemical reaction in the ingredients; Exclusion of oxygen for example, retards or cancels the reaction.
    Solution: Check for gas content

But, checking the gas content is good, a large number of equipment on the market can be used to test but making sure the gas remains inside is paramount and only ANEOLIA proposes such equipment: Being the inventor and the owner of a patented technology ( gas+ micro-leak in a single unit) Aneolia equipment is perfect and dedicated to avoid the above issues, using a single instrument, unique in the world today.

Anéolia designs, manufactures and sells instruments for measuring gas and leaks in packaging.
With 25 years of experience in gas analysis and leak measurement, Anéolia’s responsive technical team provides expert services to inspect the quality of your packaging process.

    • The OXYLOS LEAK/O2/CO2 allows you to measure the rate of O2/CO2 and the airtightness across all types of containers and packaging, with or without protective atmosphere, and without having to use any consumables (no need to use needles or septum). Automated and safe, the OXYLOS can be adapted to your production constraints, providing you with sampling tools and customized positioning.
    • The high-end analyzer from the ABISS brand provides you with solutions for packaging when space above the contents is limited.
    • Able to be synchronized to the packaging line, the OXYLOS becomes autonomous and does not require an operator in order to carry out measurements.
    • This analyzer is ideal for production

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