Biscuit People Conference – Pula, Croatia, April 3rd – April 6th 2019

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The aneolia team animates a conference on April 4th, 2019 at 14:30 on “Preservation of product : Methodology for the leak measurement and integrity control in order to optimize breathability of packages.”

Summary :
Industries in charge of primary packaging are confronted to preservation of the product from sealing point on the machinery to the storage point (shelf or consumer).
The transformation of matters during the packaging process, and the conditions of environment during the realization or distribution, influence the choice of matters and then the global performance of package.
Because permeation rates of matters are not sufficient to evaluate the good preservation of internal atmosphere of package, the packer should measure the breathability and integrity by using an objective and traceable method in order to analyze data and to help in improving the process (recalls, improvement evaluation).
The goal of the conference is to provide a methodology to choose necessary tools to get a good evaluation of performance.

BPC2019 is to bring together leading industry executives, independent consultants and other biscuit experts to explore and exchange their knowledge, experience and industry innovations. If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in biscuit industry, expand your business network and enjoy in beautiful Croatia this is the right event for you.

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More information : https://conference.biscuitpeople.com/speakers/jean-philippe-guillot/
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