Anéolia’s second patent* issued in Europe for gas and leak analysis combined in a single device

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With a first European patent issued in 2018, Anéolia is strengthening its technology with a second patent issued in 2022, extending the natural territoriality of the patents originally filed in France in 2012.

The first technology is based on the measurement of gas from a flow sensor transmitting the properties of thermal conductivity of the gas considered. This is the resolution obtained in the measurement of the flow rate by thermal conductivity which has enabled this considerable progress.

For example, with 30 times less electrical energy, the innovation thus makes it possible to measure the gas passing through the device in 1 ms instead of 250 ms ordinarily with NDIR optical technologies used for CO2, while maintaining an accuracy better than +/- 2% of the full scale, which is usually the market expectation.

It is with a resolution capable of measuring micro-flows representing the equivalent of 0.05µm diameter at 10 mbar that this innovation was possible.
By organizing the passage of gas in a reversible way, the combination of leak measurement and gas analysis is thus facilitated, which leads to the second innovation patented today internationally.

*n°EP3385696 and n°EP2936145

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