Anéolia refocuses on its flagship activities

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Internationally recognised for the measurement of micro-leakage associated with gas analysis, Anéolia has decided to refocus its activities on its expertise in the fields of packaging integrity control. This strategic choice is accompanied by a change in the shareholding structure, which is now 100% in the hands of the founders, and increased participation in the standardisation of practices in the field.

This refocusing allows the company to concentrate on its core business of food packaging, but also on the control of medical fluid distribution in hospitals.

An offer that covers all needs:

  • Consulting;
  • Marketing of measurement products and solutions;
  • Maintenance of installed products;
  • The marketing of consumables;
  • The training.

In the current health context, this reorganisation is also based on the implementation of digital and remote assistance solutions so that all customers continue to benefit fully from the expertise that Anéolia has demonstrated for over 20 years.

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