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CFIA 2020 in Rennes postponed

Exhibitions informations
Considering the international situation of public health, limiting the transportation and meetings of people, Aneolia will not attend the exhibitions of both CFIA and Interpack 2020.
If we regret this missed opportunity of meeting you, we also realize that we are supporting you more closely at your site, and also with remote assistance feature of Abiss analyzers through the web. You are then encouraged and supported in your process of improving the packaging control.

Anéolia’s dynamic, as a French company, demonstrates by paying attention to the local economy, hygienic designed products and remote access to instrumentation, are funding the Corporate Social Responsibilty plan.
The mutation of the food sector is a progress driving force by using standardized means, hygienic and safe pour packaging integrity.
Anéolia is reinforcing proximity to clients, by moving forward the data science and analysis, and invites you to choose adaptative organization and process : remotely accessible Abiss® branded devices.

  • EXOS 2020 :
    Anéolia is still continuing to innovate by presenting the EXOS 2020. This famous combined gas and leak analyzer from ABISS brand, measures O2 and CO2, checks the tightness and controls weld resistance of packaging. This device controls the packaging in a reliable and repeatable way to guarantee its conservation until the indicated shelf life.
    Always more intuitive, the 2020 version sees increased measurement speed and an IOT operating system to facilitate integration into data management systems.
    Compliant with the latest standards on packaging integrity, in particular DIN 55508-1, the EXOS 2020 will be one of your benchmarks for a quality or eco-design approach. With directly integrated simplified statistics, EXOS 2020 will help you make decisions while optimizing the packaging process (new recyclable packaging, line speed, machine settings, etc.)

    EXOS 2020 Analyseur de gaz et fuite

  • OXYLOS Hygienic Design :
    It’s now possible to control the quality of packaging in production while limiting the risk of bacterial development!
    The Anéolia team recently developed the “OXYLOS Hygienic Design”, the first automated gas and leak analyser in hygienic design. Used in production and intended for industrialists in the meat, seafood, ready meals, essentially fresh products sectors, the device complies with recent standards of integrity control, in particular DIN 55508-1: 02/2018, ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054.
    Oscar winning in November 2019, this instrument stands out for its speed, its ease of cleaning with a water jet, but above all by the combination of several tests on the same sample: micro-leak measurement, creep test, sealing strength, gas analysis (O2/CO2).
    Safe and without needed of consumable, the Abiss brand “OXYLOS Hygienic Design” encourages food manufacturers to respect sanitary rules related to Hygienic Design.

    Oxylos Hygienic Design nettoyable au jet d'eau

    Watch the Oscar ceremony video in November 2019: HERE

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