• European patents issued for Anéolia in your country for gas measurement combined with leak measurement!

    Abiss® instruments, designed and manufactured by Anéolia, are known for their durability and innovation.


Anéolia is a French company specialized in packaging inspection. The products of the Abiss® brand are gas analysers and micro leak measurement devices. Measurement devices are adapted to the operational constraints that are applicable in the agribusiness, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical and heavy industry sectors.
How can it be ensured that the injected gas remains inside the packaging?


French manufacturing
These gas and leak measurement devices are entirely manufactured in France at our site in Moissy Cramayel (77). Anéolia benefit from their proximity to their local partners, clients and suppliers, and what is a strategic geographical location.
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Biscuit People 2022 Conference: preservation of product

Product Preservation: How to manage packaging control and hermeticity control in a constrained and highly complex industrial and environmental context?


Oxylos® brevet

Anéolia’s second patent* issued in Europe for gas and leak analysis combined in a single device

With a first European patent issued in 2018, Anéolia is strengthening its technology with a second patent issued in 2022, extending the natural territoriality of the patents originally filed in France in 2012.


In October: Chicago, Dubrovnik, 2 simultaneous opportunities to meet our experts

In October: Chicago, Dubrovnik, 2 simultaneous opportunities to meet our experts


Oxylos oscar aneolia 2021

Anéolia® wins its 2nd Packaging Award!

The awarding of the Oxylos Non Destructive at the 2021 Packaging Oscars demonstrates the importance given to eco-design by the food industry.


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